Woman extricated as car hits tree in south-east London

London, Ont. –

At least one woman has been transported to the hospital with unknown injuries after a car collided with a tree on Deveron Crescent in London.

Around 11:30 am, witnesses report a Cadillac sedan crashed into the tree at the entrance of a condominium complex. It is located next to a Shoppers Drug Mart.

The car was visibly smoking for a brief time, but no flames were seen.

CTV London was on the scene at the same time emergency officials arrived.

Police quickly blocked off the area as firefighters worked to calm the one woman seen inside the car. She was conscious as they did.

Firefighters removed a car door in their attempt to aid her.

At this time, it is not clear if any other cars are involved or what caused the crash.

Police have blocked off the area while emergency crews worked and they investigate.


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