Covid booster jab figures for over 50s in south east London

NEW figures show the number of over 50s who received their coronavirus booster vaccine in south east London.

More than 19 million doses of the booster jab have been administered across England, according to Government coronavirus data.

According to the latest figures across south east London, Bromley reaches the highest amount of booster jabbed locals – with 76,471 (62.3 per cent).

Dartford remains the lowest at 22,156 (61.8 per cent).

How many boosters have been given so far?

Bexley: 50,163 (56.9 per cent)

Bromley: 76,471 (62.3 per cent)

Dartford: 22,156 (61.8 per cent)

Greenwich: 41,308 (53.9 per cent)

Lewisham: 37,948 (62.3 per cent)

Southwark: 38,208 (48.3 per cent)

Across England, Stratford-on-Avon is the region where the most over 50s have received their booster jab – with 47,797 jabs (76.3 per cent).

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Over 50s in Tower Hamlets have had the lowest uptake for boosters in England – with 20,653 jabs (34.6 per cent)

The figures are based on provisional data from NHS England for vaccinations up to November 28 and use population figures from the Office for National Statistics.

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