East London trio who exploited vulnerable sex workers are jailed


hree people who exploited vulnerable women in a sexual services business have been jailed after a police sting.

Siblings Claudia Anca, 27, and Vasile Anca, 24, of Chingford’s Garfield Road, were jailed for six years at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Wednesday for their roles in the business.

Mihaita Strat, 51, of Henley Road, Redbridge, was given two years behind bars.

The court heard how the trio ran ‘Ace Concept’, which provided transport for sex workers to customers, often in hotels, with the siblings providing cocaine if customers asked for it.

Claudia was the ringleader, taking calls from online adverts, said police. She demanded that the sex workers dress “elegantly” with make-up and straightened hair before meeting clients.


Met Police

Vasile also played a “leading role”, while Strat assisted and gave directions to the workers.

Detectives discovered Ace Concept was behind a number of classified ads, with the siblings’ card details and Claudia’s phone listed to book sexual services.

Police found payments from the siblings totalling £23,162.99 from July 2019 to January 2021. Strat also paid for some of the advertisements.

On December 10 last year, an undercover officer arranged to meet a sex worker and obtain drugs. At the hotel, the agent made his excuses, paid her, and left.

Met Police

A sting was launched the following month with an undercover officer arranging for two sex workers and cocaine to be brought to a hotel on January 13.

When he arrived, Strat asked the agent “did you order an escort,” and was promptly arrested.

Officers found £890 in Strat’s car, a Satnav with the siblings’ address in it, and a small bag with traces of cocaine.

Police then raided the Ancas’ home and arrested them, seizing cash, cocaine, phones and a notebook with details of the business.

At trial on November 8, all three initially denied involvement, only to confess to controlling prostitution a day later.

Mihaita Strat

/ Met Police

The Anca siblings also pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs. Charges of trafficking were left to lie on file.

Met Detective Inspector Nigel Penney said his detectives had conducted an “excellent investigation”, forcing the trio to admit their guilt.

“This criminal enterprise was run and controlled by Claudia Anca who, along with her brother Vasile and Strat, had absolutely no regard for the welfare or safety of the women they exploited for their own greed,” he said.


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