Bubble Tea Popularity – By Eve Jarvis Richard Challonar

BREAKING NEWS : This summer  bubble tea has spiked in popularity coming away from central areas and on to our highstreets.

Originally coming from Taiwan, the different variations of bubble or pearl tea is letting the public look into a culture that many people have not seen before. The many variations, flavours and colours are intriguing more and more people to come into shops like “teddy bear” and  “Ding tea” to try a drink. 

Examples of why these shops have so much interest is mainly in the menu and how much range it has to pair a certain drink with different flavoured bubbles and jellies. For example Ding tea offers –

The other milk teas like : 

Signature milk tea 

Taro milk tea 

Fresh teas like :

Jasmine green tea 

Assam black tea 

Sides like :

Tapioca pearls 

Coconut jelly


I went to one of my local Ding teas in Sutton and asked Naiara Rodrigueza,

What do you love about working in bubble tea?

She said “i’m in love with bubble tea, so working in a bubble tea shop is a literal bonus because making drinks is so fun and the atmosphere at work is great as well”

What is your favorite drink and why? One of the workers, Naiara Rodrigueza said “

She said “taro milk tea because it reminds me of white chocolate but it also has hints of vanilla, she said it’s kind of like the bottom bits of the cereal in the milk, which is the best part”


Many people in the UK have only ever seen bubble tea in central London in places like Chinatown, to try this unusual drink, however recently many new shops have been opening in many highstreets like New malden ding tea, sutton ding tea and Worcester park teddy bear and are all gaining more and more customers by the day.To give you an idea on how bubble tea has grown in 2019 the bubble tea market was valued at 2.4 billion dollars but they are predicting that by 2027 it will be at a staggering 4.3 billion dollars. 

I personally have become a regular customer and have bought my friends and family there numbers of times.


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