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The colourful chart suggesting Brexit has failed as a concept saw the Chiswick area unanimously criticise every aspect of the democratic vote. In the tweet containing the graphic, “At the risk of being seriously annoying” said the people of the West London town are “pretty clear about Brexit” and Lord David Frost.

However, replying to the tweet, S/Z said: “Selective audience” highlighting the fact that the UK voted highly demographically on the Brexit referendum.

Whereas the majority of London voted in favour of staying in the European Union, with Lambeth, Hackney and Haringey all voting in excess of 75 percent to Remain, many other areas voted otherwise.

Boston, South Holland, Castle Point and Thurrock for example all voted in excess of 70 percent to leave the bloc.

Hence why the critique flowed following the results of an opinion poll from just one pro-European section of London.

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Nationally, London, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar were the main areas voting to stay in the EU.

Whereas The North East, East Midlands, South West and many other parts of the UK voted to leave.

Following Brexit, various elections demonstrated the notion of a “London Bubble.”

The 2019 European Union MEP elections saw parts of London vote in favour of the Liberal Democrats, whereas the rest of the country voted highly in favour of the Brexit Party, hence still supporting Brexit in the process.

The ‘People’s Vote’ marches in 2017, also demonstrated that even after the referendum, people were still backing the notion of a democratic vote being the peoples choice.

Turnout also played a vital part in the demographics of the vote, in particular when it comes to London.

The capital saw less than 70 percent turnout for the referendum, according to The Electoral Commission statistics.

Yet some of the most prominent Leave areas, such as the West Midlands and South of England saw turnout exceeding 80 percent.

Scotland and Northern Ireland also saw low turnouts.

Only Gibraltar broke the mould of areas wishing to remain in the EU with an 83 percent turnout.

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Aside from the location of polls being made giving differing results, the sources of such polls also deliver varying opinions.

Current results according to Statistica suggest that 50 percent of people now think it was wrong to leave the bloc, with only 37 percent still believing it was the right thing to do.

The figures above according to the polling site are in fact the worst for pro-Brexit voters since opinions started.

Multiple other opinion polls reflect this with extremely similar figures.

Yet, as demonstrated on numerous occasions there is a significant difference in opinion polls and actual election results.

This was demonstrated in the Conservative Party winning an 80-seat majority in the last general election when many at the time thought a Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn would do well.

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