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UK weather: Cold wind from north sees temperatures slide into single figures | UK News


Temperatures are set to dip across the UK with winds from the far north bringing in colder conditions with wintry showers in places, including hail.

High pressure over the Atlantic has ushered in a cold air mass, banishing the previous unseasonably mild conditions.

While remaining dry and sunny for many, double digit temperatures will slide into single figures and with clear skies there will be widespread overnight frosts.

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Clear skies will see widespread overnight frosts

Getting increasing chilly throughout the coming week, by Thursday daytime highs will be 7C (45F) in Belfast, 8C (46F) in Cardiff, 5C (41F) in Edinburgh, 7C (45F) in London and 6C (43F) in Manchester.

Night-time temperatures will be even lower, hovering around freezing.

And it is set to remain cold next week with winds typically from the north and North West allowing cold conditions to persist.

However, the absence of low pressure systems should provide some respite for those who suffer from severe headaches or migraines triggered by bad weather.

On the weeks up to Christmas, Met Office forecasters said: “Temperatures will be varied overall with longer mild spells being punctuated by shorter colder spells, with some wintry weather also possible.

“During any clear, calm spells, overnight frost and fog are likely.”