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Bollard in London Road, Strood, ‘will cause a fatality’


A dad is accusing the council of ignoring him over his fears a “hazardous” bollard in the middle of a town centre could cause more accidents and serious injury.

Butcher Gary Hunt wants the traffic-calming measure – known locally as “the metal bell” – to be painted luminous orange to warn drivers of the potential danger on approach.

Gary Hunt shares his solution

And the 59-year-old is even considering buying an aerosol and spraying the bollard in London Road, Strood, himself.

Gary’s concerns grew after his son was involved in a collision causing major damage to his car and a string of crashes and near misses since he moved to the area about six years ago.

He said: “Nobody’s listening to me. The answer is simple and cheap. I would do it myself, but I’d probably get done for graffiti or criminal damage.

“I understand why it’s there and I’m not saying remove it. I’m saying let people know it’s there.”

Gary, who lives in nearby Northcote Road, said the problem is that it is painted white and is camouflaged against the cream wall of Papa John’s Pizza takeaway behind it.

Gary Hunt has safety fears over the bollard in London Road, Strood

In the latest crash last month, a vehicle clipped the bollard and flipped on to its side landing on the middle of the road.

It was installed to prevent vehicles mounting the pavement and potentially injuring pedestrians on the busy Gun Lane junction.

Gary, who also runs a mobile disco service, said: “I can understand why it is there to prevent accidents, but it is actually causing them.

“Something needs to be done and I would be happy to get arrested if I thought I could prevent someone being hurt, or worse.”

He says another solution would be to have motorway-style barriers placed on the corner.

A car overturned last month after crashing into a metal bollard in London Road, Strood, near Papa John's Pizza takeaway. Picture: Liv HopkinsA car overturned last month after crashing into a metal bollard in London Road, Strood, near Papa John’s Pizza takeaway. Picture: Liv Hopkins

His son Jonathan, 32, was on his way to work about a year ago when he drove into it. Gary said he was not hurt but “very shook up”.

Medway Council’s head of transport and parking, Michael Edwards, said: “The safety of everyone who uses Medway’s roads is of paramount importance and we take all safety concerns extremely seriously.

“The junction is a busy stretch of road and measures are in place to help protect pedestrians. We will be looking into the resident’s concerns.”

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