Panto Dick Whittington playing at Stanley Arts this December – South London News

One of the most affordable pantomimes in London is coming to Stanley Arts on December 18.

Petite Pantos’ Dick Whittington tells the story of a young boy emigrating to London to seek his fortune, or failing that, a better life than the one he left.

All he has in the world is his faithful best friend, a cat, and his heart full of dreams.

Dick will discover if the streets of South London paved with gold or will a selfish individual succeed in putting only his own desires above and before what anyone else needs, using Dick as a pawn in the process.

With a brand new script by Mama G, the show stars Jack Benjamin, Katie Stasi, Danielle Springer, and Scott Godfrey.

A spokeswoman for Petite Pantos said: “We’re proud to be one of the most affordable pantomimes in London with tickets starting from £10 and a top price of £15, which means you get solid gold comedy at prices that won’t break the bank.

“Inclusivity is at the heart of all that Petite Pantos do and that is mirrored in the artistic direction of Stanley Arts.

“Panto is not only often a child’s first experience of live theatre, but it is also a sharing of traditions and an invitation to belong, while also celebrating everyone being unique. We feel that theatre should be for everyone and that means in our pricing too.

“While we work hard to ensure that our creative teams are paid in line with industry standards for their work, that shouldn’t mean that the ticket price becomes inaccessible to anyone in the community in which it’s performed.”

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