Politics latest news: Booster vaccines best protection against Covid ‘blizzard’ this Christmas, says Boris Johnson

Getting a Covid booster jab will make “all the different to winter, to Christmas” and future plans, Boris Johnson has said. 

Speaking on a visit to a medical centre in east London, the Prime Minister said it was “very good news” that the JCVI had approved the booster programme to be rolled out to the over-40s. 

“When you look at what’s happening in the pandemic at the moment, just hearing in Newham sadly there are people in ITU, in intensive care, who are suffering badly from Covid, but they’re all the unvaccinated,” he added. 

“If you can get your booster then your immunity goes right back up to 95 per cent. So far we’ve got 75 per cent of everybody over 70 getting a booster, there’s a huge number of people, but it’s that further 25 per cent that will make all the difference to winter, to Christmas, to our plans going forward, because it’s that extra level of protection that we really need.

“So the message is, anybody over 70 come forward, get your booster, anybody over 50 comparable and get your booster now, in the next week or so anybody over 40 as well, come forward and get your booster.”


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