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‘Gentle giant’ who flew into drunken rage at wedding reception died after choking on vomit and ‘sustained’ pressure to neck, coroner concludes

A “loving husband and father” died at a wedding reception due to multiple factors, an inquest has found.

Kerry Morgan, a 40-year-old project manager from Caerphilly, died in the early hours of July 7, 2019, at a family wedding celebration in New Tredegar Rugby Club.

The dad-of-two had been involved in an altercation in which he was held down by his brother Kelvin Morgan and others who attended the reception after he suddenly flew into a rage.

An inquest heard Kerry had mental health issues and had been drinking heavily on the day of his death. Tests on his blood also showed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication were in his bloodstream as well as an amount of amphetamine – the latter which had not been prescribed.

Thursday’s evidence had started with police bodycam footage from the night of Kerry’s death. It showed an officer asking Kelvin questions and telling him the paramedics needed as much information as possible.

When the officer asked if it had just been him restraining Kerry, Kelvin said: “Yes. He’s got mental health issues. He’s been drunk all night and started kicking off at my father.

“My father made a joke, he didn’t understand the joke, and I’ve restrained him. I’ve restrained around the arms and neck area. I’ve put my body on him, nothing more than that. He’s my brother. I’ve put him in the recovery position.”

Kelvin had earlier told the inquest that he did not put pressure on Kerry’s neck. When the coroner asked him about his comments to the police officer, Kelvin replied: “I did say ‘neck’, but obviously my action was shown [in CCTV] to be around the chest area.”

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