COVID news live: 2m home tests recalled in US due to ‘false positives’; Valneva asks Javid for apology; see global case data | UK News

More from Tim Spector now, after he warned COVID could be a concern for the next five years (17.22 post).

The professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London claims bringing restrictions to an end in July, when the UK was doing well with jabbing people, gave the impression there was a “black and white” answer to the pandemic.

He says along with vaccines, we “have to keep some public health measures in place to keep those numbers down – we’re not doing that”.

Professor Spector said: “And that’s why for the last three months, we’ve had the highest rates not only of cases but also hospitalisations in western Europe.

“And I think it’s pretty unwise for a country that has such a perilous health system – even at this stage about 7% of hospital beds full of COVID – at a time when we’ve got massive other health needs.

“So we’re not doing enough, we are too complacent. The government has a sort of a black and white approach and I think the public health messaging from the government has been appalling.”

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