Parliament Square protest: Violence erupts as protesters set off fireworks and flares in clash with police

What have the Met Police said

The Met is keeping the public updated via their @MetPoliceEvents Twitter account.

According to a thread posted to the account, the policing operation began at around 6.20pm, when officers began engaging protestors following a number of fireworks and flares being set off.

At around 6.50pm, part of the group had moved from Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square.

At around 8pm, the group was described as “meandering through central London”, walking towards Tottenham Court Road. A secondary group returned to Parliament Square around the same time.

The account’s most recent post, from roughly an hour ago, reads: “A crowd in Parliament Square have been dangerously lighting fireworks and rockets.

“Some have struck people or exploded near to the crowd, this could cause very serious injury. We have moved into the crowd to remove any fireworks and prevent people coming to harm.”

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