Hayes car fire: Lamborghini bursts into flames after crashing outside Lidl

A Lamborghini burst into flames after crashing outside a Lidl in West London this afternoon (November 5).

Firefighters had to putt out the blaze enveloping the black supercar after it apparently came off the road in Hayes at around 1pm this afternoon (November 5).

Footage posted online shows thick black smoke billowing from the vehicle which mounted the pavement after apparently hitting a bollard, a plant pot and then the sign for the Lidl in Uxbridge Road.

Bystanders could not believe they were seeing such an expensive car destroyed, while the poster of one video online bemoaned the fact he ‘needed to get to the shop’ but couldn’t because of the fire.

The driver was treated at the scene for whiplash but did not require being take to hospital.

It is not not clear what model of Lamborghini it was, though if it was an Aventador it would have cost at least £271,146 new.

It is also unclear what caused the vehicle to leave the road and catch fire.

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