London train line offers half price tickets and this is how much they cost

An East London train line is offering half-price tickets to passengers to encourage eco-friendly travel.

The train operator says it hopes that by cutting fares in half during the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Londoners will choose to cut carbon emissions by using trains instead of cars.

The c2c line is offering 1,000 half-price off-peak tickets until November 12 – the final day of COP26.

A normal off-peak ticket costs just under £20 to go from Fenchurch Street in London to the end of the route in Shoeburyness, meaning that passengers will be able to travel two hours out of the city for less than £10.

COP26 – which began in Glasgow on October 31 – has seen 200 world leaders including Boris Johnson and Joe Biden try to reduce global carbon emissions to prevent further lasting damage from climate change.

C2c said that it wanted to use the conference to raise awareness of the benefits of rail transport in London.

According to government figures, 1 million of London’s almost-9 million population use the train every weekday. Transport for London says that about 3.7 million car journeys are made in the capital on any given day.

According to the European Environment Agency, travelling by train is the most eco-friendly way to get around – with 72 per cent less carbon emissions than driving.

The c2c line runs trains in East London and Essex, stopping at 26 stations. The operator runs services between Fenchurch Street in Central London and Shoeburypass past Southend-on-Sea.

Stops on the route include Limehouse, West Ham and Barking.

Clare McCaeffrey, commercial director at c2c, said: “The eyes of the world are on the COP26 conference in Glasgow over the next two weeks, but we all know that being green starts a lot closer to home.

“This is why we’re offering 1,000 half-price weekday leisure tickets, to encourage more people to take the train and leave the car behind.

“c2c has great environmental credentials, having exceeded our own targets on carbon emissions and water consumption in the past year. We also run an entirely electric fleet, with no diesel trains.

“Over the next two weeks we will be running a campaign highlighting what we have been doing to improve our own environmental performance, and promoting greener travel.”

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