COP26: Hackney climate project awarded funding

5:30 PM November 2, 2021

As the UK hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) a local community group based in Hackney has been awarded nearly £10,000 to help them take action on climate change. 

Cordwainers Grow CIC in Hackney plans to use the funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to run a series of five textile workshops across Lambeth, Southwark, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

Debbie Mitchener, director at Cordwainers Grow, said: “Cordwainers Grow is very excited to have been granted this funding to educate and inform local people about small steps they can take to help tackle the climate emergency.

“This would not be possible without the generosity of the players of the National Lottery and to them we say a huge thank you.”

Cordwainers Grow.

The funding comes after the National Lottery Community Fund conducted a survey which showed the majority of respondents believe local communities are responsible for tackling climate change

– Credit: Alice Holloway of The Little Black Pants Club

The events will educate local people on how to reduce waste and highlight the importance of sustainable fashion, showcasing skills such as processing fleece, using natural dyes, harvesting and preparing nettles and flax plants for fibre.  

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The funding announcement follows research conducted by the lottery community fund showing that 58 per cent of people in London are worried about how climate change will affect their local community.

Half of the study’s respondents said they became more interested in addressing climate change personally after the Covid-19 pandemic. Three in five said they are recycling more, two in five are now using energy-efficient appliances and lighting at home and two in five said they had insulated their homes. 

When asked who is responsible for tackling climate change, nearly eight in ten people in London said local communities, while three in five said they are either currently taking part in community-led climate action or they plan to or will consider doing so in the future.

The Together for Our Planet programme, which is awarding funding to climate action projects, is open for applications until 5pm on November 18.

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