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Agent welcomes more pets in rental property


A London lettings agent says it welcomes increasing moves towards allowing pets in rental properties – with some conditions. 

Bective’s head of lettings and property management, Tom Dainty, says: “London is a city of pet lovers. You’d need only visit Hyde Park on a Saturday afternoon to realise.

“However, with many remaining reliant on the rental sector in order to live the London lifestyle the subject of pet rental availability remains a delicate one.

“Many of us are now renting for far longer than we’ve ever done and so the ability to bring a pet into our long-term rental home is something that resonates with many tenants. So it’s reassuring to see the government work towards a greater allowance of pets within rental homes.

“Of course, it’s also imperative that we consider landlords within this decision making process and allow them the flexibility to decide who, or what, has the right to reside within their home. 

“Failing to develop a two way conversation is only likely to cause many landlords to exit the sector or resort to a more selective approach to tenant sourcing – both of which will be detrimental to the capital’s tenants in the long run.”

Dainty’s comments come following research by his agency which suggests that the chances of finding a pet-friendly rented home in London remain incredibly low.

A survey of London landlords by Bective found that just 17 per cent have opened up their rental property to a tenant with a pet, while just 37 per cent were in favour of further measures to allow tenants the right to rent with a pet.


Across London, just three per cent of rental homes currently on the market describe themselves as pet-friendly. 

The best chance of finding a pet-friendly rental is in Barking and Dagenham where pet-friendly homes account for 18.5 per cent of all currently on the market.

Availability is also above average in Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham, Sutton and Kensington and Chelsea.