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Sir David Amess ‘killer’ worked at top London hospital & dreamed of being doctor


THE terror suspect held over the murder of Sir David Amess worked at a top London hospital, it was reported.

Ali Harbi Ali also reportedly dreamed of becoming doctor but his grades weren’t high enough.


Ali Harbi Ali reportedly dreamed of becoming a doctor
Ali is being held over the murder of Sir David Amess


Ali is being held over the murder of Sir David AmessCredit: PA

The 25-year-old being questioned by anti-terror cops after the Tory MP was killed at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.

He was arrested at the scene while sitting calmly and waiting for them to arrive.

Ali had dreamed of becoming a doctor but did not achieve high enough grades at school, the Telegraph reports.

But he did train as a technician in the radiography department of King’s College Hospital in London, a government source told the paper.

Ali wasn’t working there at the time of the attack on Sir David.

Another source told The Telegraph: “Ali was training in the NHS and it was a great source of pride for his parents.

“His father was especially proud when he was back in Somalia to tell people that his eldest child was working at a top London hospital.

“He will be truly devastated to hear that his son has been arrested in connection with a terror attack on a British MP.”

It is unclear if Ali completed his training and whether he was ever employed after that.

King’s College Hospital has been approached for comment.

Ali worked at the hospital after completing his A-levels in 2014.

It has now emerged he was referred to the Channel counter-terror scheme that year, The Guardian reports.

He had been flagged by the anti-radicalisation scheme and had extremist material on his phone.

Ali was reportedly referred while at school in London after fears were raised he was drawn to Islamism.


According to The Guardian he voluntarily accepted referral and source said “he went through the process and was discharged”.

“He was not thought to pose a threat of terrorist violence and the case was closed,” the source added.

Channel normally deals with 600 to 700 individuals at any one time.

Individuals are referred if they are deemed to be a direct terrorism risk, after first being flagged to the Prevent programme aimed at preventing radicalisation.

It has also been claimed he radicalised after watching YouTube videos of hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

Police have made extensive searches of Ali’s home in Kentish Town as well as his father’s house in Bounds Green, both North London, and his mother’s in Croydon, in the south of the city.

Ali trained as a technician at King’s College Hospital in London


Ali trained as a technician at King’s College Hospital in LondonCredit: Alamy
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