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Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is latest A-lister in Birmingham – and said all the right things


Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has told BirminghamLive that he would ‘love to come back’ to the city after he was spotted at the Rep Theatre.

The Hollywood megastar told how he got the train down from London to see the Tom Jones musical What’s Up Pussycat? this evening (October 19).

Cranston, who is currently filming a movie in London, is friends with one of the show’s producers and wanted to come and show his support – following in the footsteps of the likes of Tom Cruise.

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Mr Cranston said he loved the show, telling BirminghamLive: “It was so much fun. I don’t think I stopped moving. I think I lost weight watching the show just by stomping my feet, tapping my hands and singing along.”

And his praise didn’t stop there, as he said he loved the city and hoped to come back one day.

He said he was glad he came to Birmingham and wanted “to wander around” the city’s canals if he got a chance.

He said: “I looked out my window and I saw these canals and I thought ‘there’s a place I would like to go wandering’

“If it’s not raining tomorrow ill be wandering the canals.”

Cranston added he would “love to come back” – and even potentially play at the Rep.

“By the way, this is a really lovely house,” he went on. “I stood on the stage and looked up and I went ‘I’d like to play here’.

Asked if he had a chance to see much of Birmingham he said: “We just got in on the train from London, we walked to the hotel.”

The A-lister said he was currently shooting a movie in the capital and wanted to support the show.

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