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The success of ‘Successful Mums’ group in south London


An organisation dedicated to improving work opportunities of mums in south London has receiving funding to extend its project in three south London boroughs.

The career academy Successful Mums, founded by Jane Knight, and has helped over 6,000 mums in the area return to work after having kids and pursue their preferred careers.

Recently the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority (GLA) announced new funding for the social enterprise group 3SC, and from their money is being allocated to a number of social projects in the city including Right Time, Belina Grow and Successful Mums.

Jane said the money for her project would help at least 100 mums in Sutton, Croydon and Merton specifically with their careers through their programmes.

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— Successful Mums Career Academy (@successfulmum) October 4, 2021

Those include back-to-work courses, digital skills training and business start-up courses, all for free and regardless of applicants background or financial status.

“We want to support these women in recognition of everything they’ve been through in the last 18 months,” Jane told the Sutton Guardian. “All the skills you have as a mum, you have those to offer an employer and they’re valuable in the workplace…”

Testaments from mothers who have already worked with Successful Mums suggest the hype is real. One of them was Yvette from Croydon.

“We were given ideas for possible career changes and advised where to look for these jobs,” she said. “The interview techniques session was great, the tips shared for being prepared really helped. Feeling more confident, I started applying for jobs and am happy to say that I secured a flexible role. I am now enjoying a part-time receptionist position that fits in perfectly with family and other activities.”

Merton mother Gigi meanwhile worked with Jane and the project to launch a personal stylist business Styling With Gigi after seven years out of work.

“The course has given me a lot of confidence and focus to put myself out there in order to reach my ideal client base. I feel I have now a clear road map and clear goals for myself and for my business to achieve the vision I had set out originally. In my books that is invaluable!”

With the impact of Covid-19 on everyone’s lives seeming to subside at present, groups like Successful Mums are hoping to help south London rebuild, one step at a time.

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