London Underground: The American chat show legend who was born on the Tube

He’s the man behind the eponymous tabloid talk show, Jerry Springer .

He was a political campaign adviser for Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968 until, like his brother JFK, he was assassinated.

He was Mayor of Cincinnati, had played a President in 2004 movie The Defender , appeared in Chicago on Broadway, host of America’s Got Talent , host of his own show The Springer Show in the UK. He even has an opera named after him.

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And yet that barely scratches the surface of what 77-year-old Jerry Springer has achieved his lifetime – and the story of his birth is an amazing one.

Springer’s parents, Margot and Richard Springer, were Jewish refugees from Germany. And despite Springer’s All-American image, he was actually born in London, where his young parents first sought asylum.

Londoners using an Underground station as an air raid shelter during a Second World War bomb attack

Despite the Blitz concluding in 1941, the Luftwaffe- Nazi Germany’s air branch of their military- continued to rain bombs down upon London.

Like many other Londoners, Margot and Richard Springer would spend the night in their local Underground station to escape the destruction of the city.

Heavily pregnant Margot went into labour one night when sleeping in Highgate Underground station, and gave birth to her first child, Jerry, within the same night.

“My birth was a little bit out of the ordinary,” Springer joked in an interview with the BBC. “I was born at the Highgate – what do you call them, Tube stations – we call them the subway.”

The clip, which features Springer sat on a fence in the residential Hampstead Garden Suburb, highlights the chat show host’s affinity to his North London roots – and even shows his visible excitement at the passing of the 102 bus to Edmonton Green, which he used to ride on as a child.

The Springers ended up moving to Queens, New York, in 1949, and the Big Apple has been where Springer has lived on and off for the rest of his life.

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