Dog owner horrified as Labradoodle ‘nearly bled to death’ in savage attack in South London park

A woman has been left horrified after her she said her dog nearly bled to death in a brutal attack in a South London park.

The owner, who wishes to be known as Joy, said her Labradoodle Yogi, was almost killed after it was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in a South London park.

The attack took place on Rush Common, Brixton Hill, and was so severe that Yogi almost “bled to death,” leaving Joy “utterly traumatised”.

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Labradoodle Yogi was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

“Yogi’s very calm, happy and sensitive. This attack wasn’t provoked at all,” she claims.

“There was a brown (brindle) Staffy off the lead in Rush Common and it came out of nowhere and attacked my labradoodle.

“When the dog charged at him, Yogi just sat there, and I think had he tried to defend himself he’d probably be dead.”

She added: “The owner was at the opposite end of the park, did little to intervene and by the time she came to put her dog on the lead it was too late and my boy was severely injured.

“If I find that owner, I will definitely be taking her to court.”

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Yogi’s vet bill came to £2,200

Joy said the dog was so aggressive that even after kicking it “multiple times”, it kept launching an attack on Yogi.

She said that “there was no stopping it” and just watching the attack left her “absolutely heartbroken”.

“I’m truly devastated that such a nice, sensitive soul would just get picked on like that through no fault of his own,” she said.

Luckily a brave passer by saw the attack and drove both Joy and her dog to the vet.

But this didn’t come cheap, as care for Yogi has cost her £2,200.

Joy was so shocked in the moment that she didn’t think to stop and get the owners details, but she’d “like to report” the other dog’s owner to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“So if any of you come across a black lady (slim build) and a brindle coloured Staffy I would v much appreciate it if you could take some snaps and get in contact with me ASAP,” she said.

“Thankfully, my boy is quite big but had he been a smaller breed, he would have been dead.”

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RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: “Thankfully, serious incidents between dogs are rare and attacks or fights are generally over quite quickly and don’t result in any serious injuries. However, we realise that these sorts of incidents can be very frightening for owners and for their dogs.

“If your dog becomes involved in an altercation then, although it may be your instinct to intervene, we generally advise that intervention is a last resort. It can be difficult to give specific advice as to what to do in these situations as every incident will be different but it is important to remain calm.

“If you suspect an interaction is becoming fraught then you can try to distract the approaching dog by throwing a toy or some treats. We don’t advise picking up your dog but if your dog is attacked then we’d suggest taking them to be checked over by a vet as soon as possible.”

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