Children of Terry Jones, the late Monty Python star, enter legal snakepit over his will | News

It is an age-old tale — a bereft family contesting the will of their late father, who left them for a younger woman.

Now the saga is about to play out at the High Court and Terry Jones, the late Monty Python star, is taking centre stage.

Jones’s adult children have launched the legal battle, claiming he did not have mental capacity when he made a will leaving his estate to his second wife.

Sally, 47, and Bill, 45, the children from his first marriage, claim the 2016 will entitling Anna Söderström, 38, to his estate should not stand as he was suffering from dementia.

Söderström sold the home she owned with Jones, in Highgate, north London, for £2.8 million in March. Sources close

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