Nightmare London flatmate ‘left rotting dead mouse on floor for 2 weeks’

The prospect of owning a home in London is fantasy for most due to the skyrocketing prices in the capital and for this reason, a lot of working professionals have to live in shared accommodation while they try and save to buy a place of their own.

While many have shared a living space at one point or another in their lives and not experienced too many problems, this is far from the case for others.

Popular forum site Reddit featured the topic “Worst flatmates you have ever had in London?” and some of the responses were real horror stories.

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Arguably the worst testimony came from a user who preferred to keep their identity unknown.

“My worst flatmate? It quickly became clear this guy was weird anyway so I avoided him from the start, and we lived pretty much apart even though we shared a flat, but little things started to be noticed early on.”

They would then detail incidents when the flatmate would leave hair shavings in the sink and the bath.

Then things got worse.

The poor contributor said of his flatmate from hell: “The toilet was rancid with piss the day after I cleaned it. He hardly ever went out.

“He never washed up (he started buying paper plates when he’d used everything I’d brought for the kitchen), and he never emptied the fridge of expired food – and we’re not talking bottles of mustard here, we’re talking about rotting fruit, rotting veg, takeaways left for weeks etc.”

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If all of this was not bad enough, things got even worse for the Reddit user as the poor hygiene standards of their housemate triggered an infestation of mice.

They said: “One day I got the opportunity of the place to myself and opened the door to find the front room overflowing with filth – platefuls of uneaten food, food spilled over the floor, more empty coke bottles lying next to puddles of sticky residue on the flooring.

“Naturally, there was a god-awful smell and there was also a dead mouse.”

They then described the horrific sight of “mice roaming around the home without fear,” scurrying across their bed and jumping on work tops while they were cooking.

The tale eventually ends with the dramatic line: “The flat was eventually condemned as unfit for human habitation.”

The other stories on the thread featured the more common grievances such as loud music, not flushing the toilet and smoking in the house.

While people often research the area before they move, very little can be done to find out about the person(s) they will be staying with.

Unfortunately, this will probably always be down to the luck of the draw.

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