Fun day for London Sportif volunteers at West Ham Park.

It’s tough trying to topple a rival squad when you’re locked in a desperate tug’o’war battle — but someone’s got to do it. 

Cricket coach Muhi Mikdad and his fellow volunteers at London Sportif charity did just that when they staged their own sports fun day at West Ham Park.  

This marked the end of a summer season of activities, which included the eight-week children’s cricket festival at Victoria Park and day trips to The Oval for youngsters to watch the sport professionally. 

The fun day was more for grown-ups as a thank you to volunteers.

“I was on the winning tug’o’war team,” Muhi boasted. “I haven’t played since I was a kid, but it was good fun.

“It took less than a minute to dispatch our opposition — they weren’t very good.” 

Ready, steady... Lungi racing in traditional Asian men's dresswear

Ready, steady… Lungi racing in traditional Asian menswear

– Credit: London Sportif

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The father-of-two from Stepney Green worked with Ataikur Rahman, the charity club’s badminton and cricket coach from Newham Leisure Centre, to run activities for youngsters during the summer holidays.   

Now it was their turn with races in traditional Asian clothes called lungi, as well as egg-and-spoon challenges and even musical chairs.

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