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City & East London AM Unmesh Desai on Poplar Rates Rebellion


It was a privilege to recently attend a plaque unveiling ceremony led by Mayor John Biggs to mark the centenary of the Poplar Rates Rebellion.

This is where 30 councillors were sent to prison for refusing to collect unfair tax precept payments from poor families in the community.

They remain an inspiration and are part of the East End’s fabric.

Restored mural for centenary of 1921 Poplar rates rebellion

Restored mural for centenary of 1921 Poplar Rates Rebellion

– Credit: LBTH

The challenges we face today are different but still involve government.

The budgets of local councils have been slashed as a result of austerity. If the East End is to address the many issues that have been thrown up in the wake of the pandemic, the government must give Tower Hamlets Council adequate resources at the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

Unmesh Desa will be monitoring the implementation of the new Policing Action Plan.

City and East London AM, Unmesh Desai
– Credit: City Hall

To end on a positive note, it was great to join the Crossharbour Community Fun Day on the Isle of Dogs, which celebrated the voluntary work of local groups and individuals during the pandemic.

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