The Croydon cafe serving up ‘London’s biggest breakfast’ complete with 1kg of chips and 4500 calories

Everyone loves a fry-up, but some people love it slightly more, and slightly more excessively, than others.

The fried breakfast is a staple of English cuisine and is a regular addition to many of our weeks, but one cafe in Croydon has taken the breakfast to a whole new level.

Fat Boys Cafe on Thornton Road, West Thornton, can feasibly claim to have the biggest breakfast in London, a whopping creation that has over 4,500 calories.

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The Blow Out breakfast is served at Fat Boys Cafe

The ‘Blow Out’ as it is referred to is the brainchild of owner Farouk Hassanein, 55, who has been at the helm of Fat Boys for over 23 years.

The breakfast behemoth contains an eyewatering amount of food including two eggs, two sausages, six slices of bacon, a slice of fried bread, mushrooms, beans and 1.25kg of chips.

Naturally, the fame of the breakfast has drawn countless challengers over the years.

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Two punters trying the challenge – many have tried and many have failed

But due to the astonishing size of the venture, very few complete it and are saddled with the bill.

Farouk believes that in the 25 years the challenge has existed it has developed an impressive percentage of victims – including even some celeb ones.

He said: “The breakfast has been here for about 25 years. Not too many have completed it, I’d say about 1 out of 40 actually succeed.

“It costs £20 to order and if you complete it you get it completely free.

“The Man v Food man has completed it – if you’re not a big eater you don’t have a chance.”

Do you think you could complete this immortal breakfast? Let us know in the comments here.

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