Heathrow and Gatwick: Latest travel advice for Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway

The bank holiday weekend brought not just an extra day off work for many but more good holiday-related news as the government updated its international travel restrictions.

Denmark and Finland now join Norway in adding to Scandinavia’s increasingly green listed status.

But Sweden is a big exception, remaining on the amber list from when the changes came into effect at 4am on Monday.

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Despite advice against it, you can still travel to amber listed countries.

The vast majority of places have been designated this traffic light colour.

Although fully vaccinated adults no longer have to self-isolate upon arrival in the UK, a Covid test is needed three days before returning and a PCR test two days after arriving.

Adults who are not fully vaccinated need to take an additional PCR test on or after day eight, as well as go into quarantine for ten days.

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Green listed countries on the other hand require no isolation upon returning to the UK – but you must still take the two Covid tests before and after travel.

If you arrived in England before 4am on Monday, you must follow the previous rules.

These would be the same for travellers from Norway and Sweden, but those from Finland and Denmark would need to abide by amber list restrictions.

As the government is updating its lists every three weeks, you can expect the next review to be on either Wednesday, September 15 or Thursday, September 16.

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