The South London street where crime is so bad police use emergency powers

Families have told what life is like in a South London street so crime-ridden police approved emergency powers to tackle it.

One resident in the Lambeth ‘s Plato Road claimed he caught two men with balaclavas and a massive drill outside his neighbour’s window.

The man said he felt a bit safer as a result of new measures, which includes new CCTV cameras in the area.

Emergency police powers were enforced in the area, which covered some of Brixton in the Ferndale ward after a spike in reports of anti-social behaviour between August 24 and August 26.

The 27-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Two weeks ago there were these two men with balaclavas and a massive drill.

“I think they were drilling into my neighbour’s window.

“They noticed I was at the window and they started walking away.

“I opened the door, confused, and said ‘what’s going on?’.

“There was a car waiting with the engine on and they turned around and said ‘if I were you, I’d get back in your house’.

“I was on my own so it was a bit spooky. I just locked the door and called the landlord to install a burglar alarm.

“I do feel this area is not the safest.”

Local police have installed extra CCTV in a Brixton street after complaints about anti-social behaviour

Ferndale’s Met Police team said the new CCTV was “another way we are working in partnership with Lambeth Council to tackle the ongoing issues in the ward”.

Police were also given emergency extra powers in the wider area from August 24 to 26 after “persistent complaints of crime and anti-social behaviour”.

The dispersal power, Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, allows police or community support officers to force people out of an area for up to two days.

It can be used not only if there is crime or anti-social behaviour in an area, but even if there is the threat of it.

A spokesman for the Met Police said: “A Section 35 was authorised from 10am August 24 until 9.59am on August 26.

“This was response to persistent complaints of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.”

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