LHSC tells staff get your COVID-19 shot or risk getting fired

The London Health Sciences Centre is making vaccines mandatory for all staff, the hospital announced Tuesday. 

Everyone working at the region’s largest hospital, including doctors, staff, volunteers, students and those who are cross-appointed with other health care centres, has to be vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and have finished the 14-day waiting period, no later than Oct. 22. 

Staff who don’t have their two shots by that day can be disciplined and fired, officials said.

“Our promise to every person who comes through our doors is to offer safe and compassionate care. With rising COVID-19 cases across the province and many of our patients among the most vulnerable, this covenant with you becomes even more fundamental,” the hospital’s interim CEO Dr. Jackie Schleifer Taylor, wrote in a statement to the community. 

“This autumn patients coming to LHSC can take comfort in the certain knowledge that their care team has been fully vaccinated. It is the right thing to do to protect us all.” 

Almost 15,000 people work at the hospital, the region’s largest employer. 

“Staff who aren’t vaccinated by October 22 will face discipline up to, and including, termination. This aligns with what our peers are implementing. LHSC will not accept frequent testing as an alternative to vaccination past October 22, unless a staff member has an exemption.

The hospital will consider medical and human rights exemptions, but exemptions based on preference will not be considered, officials said. 

Exempted staff will be required to do frequent testing.

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