More than 700,000 Covid vaccine records ‘hit by errors’


ore than 700,000 vaccine records have been found to have errors leaving some NHS app users unable to produce a Covid pass, according to reports.

Hundreds of thousands of vaccine records were found to contain errors after health officials recorded the wrong data.

Digital health certificates are already used in dozens of countries and England will require Covid passes for access to nightclubs and large venues by the end of September.

Double-jabbed people should be able to get the NHS Covid Pass within 24 hours of their second dose however the glitch has left many without the proof they need in order to travel.

According to the Telegraph, 677,331 cases have been reported where NHS Covid vaccine records had to be corrected. Health workers acknowledged 112,939 cases where records had to be deleted due to corrections or duplicates.


Many of the blunders were only flagged when holidaymakers checked the NHS app and discovered their pass was missing.

The NHS now plans to launch a Vaccination Data Resolution Service to fix the errors.

A job advert for call agents says the service will operate seven days a week, support those who have problems with their Covid vaccination records and help people to prove their vaccination status.

More than 30 countries currently accept the NHS Covid pass as proof of jab status but there have already been hundreds of examples of people being locked out of the system due to incorrect data.

A retired IT director from south London, claimed he made more than 100 attempts over five months to correct his record to show he was fully vaccinated after realising that his first jab, from February, was missing.

“Two weeks ago, I decided I had had enough, so I took drastic action. I went and had a third vaccination,” he told the Telegraph.

“This has now shown up in the app as my second vaccination and it appears as though I’m fully vaccinated and good to travel and can now use the domestic pass for the theatre.”

The 59-year-old had planned a trip to Iceland and took the drastic step after 40 hours of trying other means, contacting the NHS app customer service and his GP practice.

NHS Digital told the newspaper the 677,331 updates to the Covid vaccine records would not all have affected whether a person got the Covid pass.

An NHS spokesperson said: “The vast majority of updates made to vaccination records by NHS digital do not relate to people’s vaccine status.

“The NHS is proactively contacting people who have been vaccinated in England and are showing an incomplete record so their records can be urgently corrected.”

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