Connells-owned high end brand opens new London office…

John D Wood – one of two high end brands formerly owned by Countrywide but recently acquired by Connells – is expanding its London network.

It’s opened a new office in Clapham, complementing existing branches at nearby Battersea and Wandsworth. 

The agency claims it’s seen a 27 per cent increase in people looking to buy within reach of the SW4 postcode, alongside what it calls “a surge of interest” from potential tenants.

London rents have suffered actually during the pandemic – Connells’ other high end brand, Hamptons, says inner London rents are down 11.0 per cent on a year ago, which is actually an improvement on the fall of 20.3 per cent seen back in May.  

Kesha Foss-Smith and Shoeni Oates, managers at John D Wood & Co, say: “Combining our experience of over 20 years in South West London, we really value what the area has to offer. With the desire to live in Clapham ever increasing, our aim is to provide a bespoke service and a local expertise that has been trusted for generations.”

And Polly Ogden Duffy, the agency’s managing director, adds: “Opening our new branch … is a response to demand from our existing clients who either already own property locally, or want support in sourcing the right home. The pandemic has cemented the requirement for more space internally as well as green space, which is exactly what Clapham boasts.”

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