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Hodgson Sayers hails Nottingham base for extending company into Midlands and South


North East roofing and maintenance specialist Hodgson Sayers has seen further growth in the pandemic as its Nottingham base attracts public sector contracts in the Midlands and the South.

The County Durham business set up the base in Nottingham in 2018, and says it has helped it attract work in London and other parts of the south, as well as Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and East Anglia.

The company, which employs around 100 staff, has won places on a number of public sector procurement frameworks, leading to contracts with South Holland District Council, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing, Derby Homes and Nottingham City Homes.

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It has also secured work with the Nationwide Building Society in the North East, Yorkshire and Devon.

Managing director John Sayers said: “Like so many companies, we have spent the last 18 months navigating the pandemic, concentrating on the wellbeing of our staff and ensuring we had very effective lines of communication with our clients as, like ourselves, they faced unparalleled challenges.

“While it has been an extremely disruptive and unpredictable period in our history, which has also distorted our revenues, it was very satisfying to see that our decision, four years ago, to open a base in the Midlands, was assisting our fightback from Covid 19 and also that our national footprint continued to grow.

“Winning contracts is always exciting but strong growth comes from clients coming back on a regular basis with recurring work. We always look for feedback from clients and it would seem that apart from delivering a high quality service, which has to be a given, they see us as strong at developing relationships, we communicate well and that we identify and deliver solutions when a project presents a specific challenge.

“When one considers that only a short time ago the vast majority of our contracts were in the North East and that now, for instance, we are delivering challenging roofing projects in Surrey and in North and South London, we have clearly come a long way as a company.

“There are, of course, always hurdles to overcome. The shortage of supply of good quality tradespeople nationwide provides resource issues and disruptions and uncertainties amongst the traditional materials supply chain, means that the management team has to look at alternative sources, which we are doing, but this takes time and has to be tested.”

Hodgson Sayers says it remains strong in its North East heartland, where has recently won contracts from Bernicia Group, Coast & Castle Housing, Newcastle City Council and Gateshead and Darlington Council.

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