Ryanair emergency: Flight to Manchester lands early after alert over English Channel | UK | News

The FR1174 flight from Porto to Manchester declared an emergency as the flight crossed the English Channel. The flight was diverted to Bristol Airport.

The reason for the diversion is believed to be a medical emergency.

The diversion was first noticed on FlightRadar24 a global flight tracking service which provides real-time information about flights around the world. 

The flight transmitted the emergency code 7700 over the Channel – indicating the flight was dealing with a general emergency.

The squawk code sends an immediate signal to all nearby watchtowers.

The emergency comes just a day after another Ryanair flight from London to Dublin was forced to return to the airport after takeoff due to a “defective autopilot”.

A spokesperson for Ryanair commented: “This flight from London Stansted to Dublin (19 Aug) returned to London after take-off following a minor technical issue.

“Customers boarded a replacement aircraft to prevent further delays, and departed to Dublin shortly after.

“The aircraft was inspected by Ryanair engineers who cleared the aircraft to return to service.”

Express.co.uk has approached Ryanair for comment.



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