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Go ahead to redevelop Barkantine estate


Plans are set to go ahead to redevelop part of the Isle of Dogs’ Barkantine Estate. 

Plans are going ahead to redevelop part of the Isle of Dogs’ Barkantine Estate next to Westferry printworks site which caused dust clouds when work started. 

Three blocks along Tiller Road in Millwall are being redeveloped by One Housing with the families being “decamped” and promised that they can return when the new scheme is ready if they want to. 

Astma sufferer Rita Cooper in her kitchen waiting to be moved out at Barkantine Estate

Asthma sufferer Rita Cooper in her kitchen waiting to be moved out at Barkantine Estate

– Credit: Mike Brooke

Pensioner Rita Cooper has been promised “decamp as a priority” by the housing group and is ready to pack her bags. 

“I’ve had years of construction work and I’ve had enough,” the 71-year-old retired barmaid told the East London Advertiser. “I won’t miss living here.

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“They’re moving us out as a priority and I’m over the moon.”  

She suffers from asthma and stays as little as possible in her maisonette in Starboard Way, which backs onto the Westferry site. Construction on the site caused clouds of dust when work started in 2018.

Rita has been on the Barkantine Estate for 43 years and lives with daughter Jolene.

Terraced maisonettes in Starboard Way backing onto Westferry printworks site are last phase of Barkantine scheme

Terraced maisonettes in Starboard Way backing onto Westferry printworks site

– Credit: Google

The first families are set to be “decamped” from Winch House when the opening phase begins who are being told they can move back into the block replacing it, along with tenants from the 10-storey Ketch House tower block in the second phase.

Families in maisonettes in Starboard Way backing onto the Westferry building site would be last before Barkantine’s third phase redevelopment begins. 

Tenants and leaseholders in Kedge House, Winch House and Starboard Way have the right to be rehoused in the new scheme, One Housing has promised.  

Kedge House in Tiller Road to be pulled down in redevelopment

Kedge House in Tiller Road is set to be pulled down in planned redevelopment

– Credit: Google

The scheme for 280 new homes has 71 properties for shared ownership for first-time buyers or people on Tower Hamlets Council’s waiting list. 

This follows a ballot in favour of redevelopment after an 18-month consultation. 

One Housing’s Mike Johnson assured: “We will consult with residents on the proposed designs over the next 12 months before they are submitted for planning.”  

The new properties are all same size or bigger than the existing flats and will have their own balconies, patios or gardens.