The gated London mansion where Noel Gallagher used to throw legendary parties

It’s a well established fact that a lot of celebrities live in and around Hampstead Heath.

From Helena Bonham Carter to Ricky Gervais, Rihanna to Jonathan Ross – if they’re well known and have lived in London – they’ve lived near the heath.

As a result, there are hundreds of houses in the Belsize Park and Hampstead village area that can lay claim to famous past occupants.

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‘Supernova Heights’ was the most infamous party house of the 1990s

But one house in particular has more stories than most.

Tucked away behind a heavy gate and hedge on Steele’s Road, sits Noel Gallagher’s former 3-bedroom mansion, which he named Supernova Heights.

Infamous for its bacchanalian excess, the North London home was the unofficial HQ of the hottest stars of the nineties, including Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Johnny Depp and Ronnie Wood.

A Telegraph journalist once described seeing, “supermodels lolling against the fridge, white lines everywhere, and endless gabbing about crop circles and conspiracy theories”.

Noel admitted as much, telling the Independent, “By 1997 it had just gone berserk. I was doing loads of drugs and me and Liam were just out of control.”

Most of the time he had no idea who the drug-addled hangers-on slumped around his house were.

Nights merged into days as they “sat there with the curtains closed” debating aliens and moon landings.

The fridge was stocked with lager, cranberry juice, more lager, half a jar of marmalade and a jug of gone-off Bloody Mary, according to one report. Steve Coogan was on the voicemail.

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Police were regularly called to the house

And the feral antics of Noel and his glitzy pack infuriated his well-to-do neighbours, who called police after one particularly riotous party.

Celebrating Noel’s 30th birthday, officers found the heavily-refreshed Oasis star and a hoard of his mates crammed onto a coffee table screaming along to the Sex Pistols.

“I’ve got a coffee table downstairs that holds about four ashtrays. There must have been 15 people on it and the police show up and we were going, ‘And I wanna be anarchy’. ‘Excuse me, sir, could you turn the noise down?’ It’s the Pistols, man, you know what I mean?”

Naturally, all sordid things come to an end and Noel would eventually sell the house to close friend Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor.

In 2005, she sold it to David Walliams for £3.25million.

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The house has been renovated since Noel’s day

Not one to live in a former doss house, David renovated the property and knocked down windows and walls to create an airy, modern feel.

In 2018, after living in the house for over a decade, David too decided to sell up.

At the time, estate agents Marcus Parfitt bragged that the property is an “exceptional architectural masterpiece” and the eventual buyer must have agreed as they bought it for the tidy sum of £5 million.

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An architectural masterpiece

MyLondon visited the property to see if any more famous residents had moved in but were unable to get past the gate.

However, we did spot a fancy sports car in the driveway, so the omens are good!

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