British Airways flight to London from Edinburgh declares mid-air emergency | UK | News

The plane was travelling this morning from Edinburgh Airport to London’s Heathrow when the emergency was declared. The BA1441 aircraft issued a squawking alert code 7700, which indicates a general but unspecified emergency.

The Airbus A319-131 departed Scotland shortly after 10am.

BA has confirmed the pilots reported a “minor technical issue” on board and contacted Air Traffic Control to request priority landing in London as precautionary measure.

A BA spokesman said: “Our pilots requested a priority landing into Heathrow, as a precaution due to a minor technical issue.

“The aircraft landed safely.”

The domestic flight departed Edinburgh on the 331-mile journey at 10.17am, according to flightRadar24.

It was scheduled to land at Heathrow Airport at 11.50am.

But with the help of the priority landing slot the aircraft touched down in the capital at 11.33am.

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Each of the codes begins with a number between zero and seven.

A squawk 7700 code is used to communicate all emergencies on board a flight and sends an immediate alert to all nearby watchtowers.

Other notable codes include a squawk 7600, which is used to inform Air Traffic Control that a plane has lost communications with the tower.

A squawk 7500 alert is used in a hijacking and informs the tower that the plane requires emergency support from security services.

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