Sonam Kapoor Gets Trolled For Saying Chores Gave Her ‘Freedom’ in London

Sonam Kapoor’s being on the cover of Vogue has become the Internet’s latest hot topic. The actress who appeared on the cover of Vogue India for the July month’s issue sported breathtaking in all the looks of the photoshoot for the magazine. While Kapoor shot for the India edition of the magazine, she took the photos in London, where she is currently based. At present, she is staying in Notting Hill, Sonam and in Vogue speaks about her life in the UK and missing Bombay and her family back in India. Speaking about holding on to her roots really hard, she said, “London has made me realise that I’m very Indian. I now realise what being an immigrant actually means. Migrating to a new place is hard. I didn’t understand why Indians abroad were more Indian than Indians in India, and I realised it’s because we hold on to our roots so hard.”

But there is no substitute to her life in Bombay, she admits. “I miss Bombay—the food, my family, my friends, the traffic, the movie industry. I love living here, but India is where my heart is,” said Sonam.

In the interview, she then went on to describe her daily routine and how she cooks and cleans the house herself. Talking to Vogue, Kapoor said, “I like the freedom here. I make my own food, clean my own space, shop for my own groceries,” reports Hindustan Times. The comment, while made as an unrelated co-relation, struck a nerve with Indians on Twitter.

So Sonam Kapoor made a statement where sh says she likes ‘freedom’ that she gets in London. She makes her own food, and cleans her own space.Helpers and cooks in India enters home forcefully and doesn’t let her do anything or what?

— V.Bakshi (@VivaanBakshi) July 8, 2021

Heartbreaking! And Sonam Kapoor thinks “freedom” is making your own food and cleaning after yourself !— (@fur_eliseeeee) July 6, 2021

Entitled #SonamKapoor finds freedom to do grocery shopping in coloniser’s land….. At times I feel they invite trouble, to be the talk of the time, someway or they other— Shriparna Saha (@Shri1589) July 7, 2021

Sonam Kapoor feels “Freedom” in London as if she was in jail in India and felt suffocated.I have zero respect infact in minus …for these people who disrespect own country after leaving it.

— Nɪᴅʜɪ ✨ (@NidhiiTweets_) July 7, 2021

Sonam is no stranger to being the face of Vogue. Over the years, Sonam has done no less than 10 covers for the popular fashion magazine. In one of the pics, she looks like a goddess in a Dolce & Gabbana shimmery ball gown, complete with fine jewellery. This ensemble from the Alta Moda collection proves yet again, there really is no look Sonam can’t carry off.

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