London Man Embarks on Search to Return Lost Wallet

Anybody else would have given up after few trials, but Twitter user Ghazi Taimoor was determined to return a lost wallet to its original owner, Rahul. Taimoor who lives in London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood found a brown wallet on the street but it only contained bank cards of the owner and the only information available about him was his name. Sharing the details of the ‘hunt down Rahul’ mission, Taimoor shared a Twitter thread. He narrated how and where he found the wallet and said that he will update about his search for the wallet owner.

Check it out:

Guys! Just found this wallet on Shoreditch High street. Name on the bank card suggests the wallet belongs to a Rahul R******. Time to HUNT RAHUL DOWN.

Will update y’all

— Ghazi Taimoor (@ghazi_taimoor) July 29, 2021

Taimoor joked about Rahul being a ‘private’ person after failing to find anyone with the same on Facebook and Instagram. A Google image search suggested that Rahul lived in Gujarat, India, but that looked like a non-option in this case.

A Google image search suggest all Rahul R******* live in Gujrat, India. Don’t think it’s them. Need suggestions!— Ghazi Taimoor (@ghazi_taimoor) July 29, 2021

But finally, Taimoor was able to ascertain ‘Rahul R******’ who lived in London. However, his account was private, and he could not be contacted.

After which, Taimoor found out the name and address of the food company where he worked and decided to travel to its head office to reunite Rahul with his wallet.

LinkedIn says Rahul works for a UK Food and Beverage company. Has to be him! I’m going to call their head office now. Google Maps searching their Head Office.— Ghazi Taimoor (@ghazi_taimoor) July 29, 2021

He joked that if Rahul will accept his friendship and realise how the universe ‘conspired’ to reunite him and the wallet. Pheww! it was a hectic day and time for a well-deserved coffee break before Taimoor ran in slow-mo like Anjali to meet his Rahul.

Thought as I’m walking towards Rahul: Does he know the universe has conspired us to meet? Will he accept this gesture of friendship? Is Rahul a feminist?— Ghazi Taimoor (@ghazi_taimoor) July 29, 2021

Ok distracted. Stopped at a Pret for coffee on the way. Back on it now. Where were we?— Ghazi Taimoor (@ghazi_taimoor) July 29, 2021

Finally, Taimoor was able to trace down Rahul and return the wallet to him in a ‘teary-eyed’ reunion.

The live Tweeted hunt got a lot of attention online and went viral garnering over 10 thousand likes along with several reactions on the microblogging site. People lauded Taimoor for his effort for a stranger.

May Allah reward you 10 folds for your efforts— Adnan El Jooss⚡ (@werzadnan) July 30, 2021

Loved this thread! You could have just roamed the streets singing ‘Gumshuda’ but I guess this worked better! Bless you— Shashi (@ShashiAltekar) July 31, 2021

Your future grandkids: Dada jee how did you get famous overnight. Soo beta. Aik dafa ka zikar hai……..— Mahnoor (@HatesHerKhala) July 30, 2021

What’s your reaction to the tweet thread?

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