Danyal Hussein: The ‘arrogant and deluded’ teen who stabbed two sisters to death after making a blood pact with a demon

Danyal Hussein “butchered” two sisters to death after making a blood pact with a demon to “sacrifice women” in return for winning the lottery.

Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 21, were stabbed more 30 times before Hussein dragged their bodies more than 75 metres and left them intertwined within undergrowth at Fryent Country Park in Wembley.

The 19-year-old also tried to conceal their belongings after the brutal attack in the early hours of June 6, 2020, before walking home to his dad’s address nearby.

Hussein was seen on CCTV walking with a jacket wrapped round his waist to cover the fact he was not wearing any trousers, having removed his blood-stained clothing.

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Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, the two sisters murdered by Danyal Hussein at Fryent Country Park in Wembley

He was identified by CCTV and DNA evidence, before a search of his bedroom at his mum’s address in Guy Barnett Grove, Blackheath, revealed a disturbing motive for the killings.

Officers found a blood pact, along with various satanic symbols, within his bedroom agreeing that he would sacrifice six women every six months in return for winning a lottery jackpot and securing the love of a girl he had attended school with.

It was a motive Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding said that the Metropolitan Police “had never seen in any murder case before”.

What drove this teenager, who had no previous convictions, from being a “middle of the road” student to willingly become part of a satanic cult and want to kill innocent women?

Hussein’s childhood and school time

0 Fryent Park deaths

Danyal Hussein was found guilty at the Old Bailey of the murders of sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27

The teenager, of Iraqi descent, had much younger siblings and divided his time between his mother’s address in South East London and father’s home in Wembley.

He attended Thomas Tallis School, a mixed comprehensive in Woolwich, but was found to be sometimes creepy by friends and always awkward with girls.

Hussein had been diagnosed with a mild form of autism, but this is not believed to have contributed in his savagery later in life.

He did, though, “run into a few problems at school”, DCI Harding said.

The teen was referred to the Prevent programme, an anti-terror scheme, in October 2017 after he was identified by the school as being at risk of radicalisation.

He was later discharged in May 2018 “with no outstanding concerns with regard to extremism or terrorism”.

He continued to receive the relevant support from his school and social services, with follow-ups after six months and 12 months, but again nothing of concern was reported.

Hussein attended Orpington College on three or four occasions, but had planned to go abroad to the United States to attend a summer camp.

The attraction to a satanic cult and the blood pact to sacrifice women

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The alleged agreement between Hussein and a demon

Instead of attending summer camp, Hussein had been lured to the dark web and talk of satanic cults and demons.

A jury at the Old Bailey murder trial heard how a search of his room found many satanic drawings and agreements.

It included a pact, signed by Hussein in blood, on a green piece of paper in which he agreed to “perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months for as long as I am free”.

The agreement, made out to ‘King Lucifuge Rofocale’, also promised that he would “build a temple”.

It was on the condition that he would win the “Mega Millions Super Jackpot” and receive “fruitful rewards”, while never being suspected of any crimes by police.

Aside from the agreement, police also found evidence of love spells and potions as Hussein tried to become more attractive to women.

0 Fryent Park deaths

Documents found by officers searching Hussein’s room

Hussein had become radicalised through the dark web, where such ideologies were promoted and discussed by others.

While some search history was recovered by police, much of what the teen was looking through remains unknown.

Detectives believe he was exposed to the sick teachings of ‘Incel’, a group that has become a murderous movement.

Expert Jacob Ware, a terrorism researcher who studies its followers, said: “The Incel movement has benefited from the same social mobilisation and online communication tools that have propelled the Islamic State and violent far-right extremists to increasing prominence and attention.

“With just a Google search, curious outsiders can discover an entire online world populated by Incels, complete with their sites, language and culture.

“Once there, initiates are exposed to a variegated menu of extremist topics, propagated by forum dwellers eager to radicalise newcomers.”

After stalking and stabbing the two sisters to death, Hussein purchased three lottery tickets that were found tucked inside the agreement.

None were winning tickets.

The night of the murders


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In the days prior to the attack, on June 3, detectives identified Hussein travelling to an ASDA supermarket in Colindale, North London.

Hussein was caught on CCTV buying a block of knives, before struggling to fit them into his backpack.

In order to provide proof of age, Hussein had to temporarily remove his mask for shop staff.

He also collected a full face balaclava and shovels that he had purchased on Amazon.

The next day, he set up an online betting account with Lottogo.com. which runs bets on the Mega Millions Super Jackpot mentioned in the pact.

In the afternoon of June 5, Bibaa and Nicole were seen stocking up on picnic items and drinks in a Co-Op store, before being seen walking to Fryent Country Park together with bags filled with blankets and pillows.

0 JPR SAH 100621Wembley 06

A picture of Hussein entering an ASDA store

A around midnight, the last of their friends left the park, but such was the fun the sisters were having, they decided to stay and continue dancing with fairy lights.

They took more than 100 selfies with a clicker.

The very last picture taken of the pair, though, shows them both having had their attention drawn away from the camera. Police believe this is the moment Hussein launched his attack.

Hussein suffered serious cuts to his hand in the attack, but dragged the bodies away from public view before throwing the sisters’ mobile phones into a pond within the park.

He is pictured returning home at around 4am, trouserless.

At 1am on July 7, he places bets on the Mega Millions Jackpot, but is unsuccessful.

Hussein’s trip to hospital

Hussein attended Northwick Park Hospital for treatment on the cuts to his right hand.

He is seen on CCTV along with his father waiting in the reception area before they are approached by a nurse.

He was subsequently referred to the Royal Free Hospital to see a plastic surgeon, where he explained that he had suffered the injuries while being robbed. He said he did not want to report the incident to police.

The discovery of the bodies

0 Fryent Park deaths

A bloodstained cushion recovered in a search of a refuse centre

The sisters were reported missing by Adam Stone, Nicole’s boyfriend, after he and none of her friends had heard from either of the women the day after the party.

He contacted police at around 9pm.

At around 12.30pm the next day, Adam and his parents attended the park to search for the sisters. He was also accompanied by friend Nina Esmat, who found a pair of glasses near the picnic spot belonging to Bibaa. She was advised to take them to a police station.

As she left to do so, Adam’s father found a knife. A distraught Adam then found the bodies of the sisters in the bushes.

Officers arriving at the scene to assist the family were quickly diverted and rushed to the scene, but the women were already dead.

0 Fryent Park deaths

A picture of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry taken by a friend on the night of the birthday party in the park

The scene was forensically examined, before unidentified DNA from blood at the scene produced a familial link to Hussein due to a family member whose DNA was already on the national database from a previous caution.

Within just an hour and a half, detectives linked Hussein to the ASDA trip to buying knives from CCTV covering his father’s home.

Officers attended Hussein’s mother’s address in the early hours of July 1, where Hussein was arrested as he opened the door.

Asked at Wandsworth police station how he sustained the injury to his hand, the teen again insisted he had been mugged.

Hussein acted like ‘belligerent child’ during murder trial

0 Fryent Park deaths

Mina Smallman, mother of the two victims looking on as Danyal Hussein appears in the dock

At his murder trial at the Old Bailey, DCI Harding described how Hussein acted like a “belligerent child”.

He said he was an “arrogant young man” who had a “deluded” ideology.

The trial was regularly disrupted due to his demand for toilet breaks, while he would often stand or sit with his back to Mrs Justice Whipple.

DCI Harding also recalled how Hussein was trying to catch the eye of the devastated family and made a “loser” sign towards a paramedic giving evidence.

He added: “The way he presents himself in courtroom is despicable. He is trying to catch their [the family’s] eye, he was making loser signs towards witnesses. He was acting like a belligerent child when he is an adult.

“He has showed complete disrespect to the court system, the family and the judge.”

DCI Harding added that Hussein’s parents had “not engaged with police at all”.

‘One of the most shocking and chilling cases I have dealt with’

Sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were murdered last year

Sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were murdered last year

In a Met Police statement following Hussein’s conviction on Tuesday (July 6), DCI Harding said the investigation will stay with detectives for “many years to come”.

He added: “This is one of the most shocking and chilling cases I have ever dealt with, and I know the investigation will stay with all of those involved for many years to come. Hussein went out that night with the intention of killing in order to satisfy his bizarre fantasies under the deluded belief he would be rewarded with financial prosperity.

“His wicked acts have cut short the lives of two completely innocent women – who, even more devastatingly, were exceptionally close sisters simply out celebrating a birthday – and left family, friends and colleagues bereft, still struggling to come to terms with such a random and senseless attack.

“Bibaa and Nicole were very popular, had lots of friends and lived life to the full. Their bond and shared pleasure in being in each other’s company was clear to see from the heart-breaking images and footage which captured them together that night. It is still beyond my comprehension what impact their murders will have had on their family and friends and my thoughts are first and foremost today with them.

“Throughout our investigation and the subsequent trial they have shown the utmost dignity in the most unimaginable of circumstances. No normal person will be able to comprehend Hussein’s motivation but I do hope that his conviction can bring the families at least some sense of justice.

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“Conversely, Hussein has presented as an arrogant and egotistical character who from the outset has denied any culpability, compounding his actions by forcing the family to endure the additional trauma of a trial. He was incredibly disrespectful to witnesses and the family whilst he acted like a petulant child in the dock.

“I strongly believe that had he not been injured so badly that day and then apprehended he would have gone on to carry out further murders to fulfil his twisted pact, and so I am grateful the jury were able to see through his preposterous claim that he wasn’t responsible despite all the overwhelming evidence against him.”

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