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Boris Johnson news live: Royal yacht could cost extra £50m, says minister


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Boris Johnson has claimed his plan to spend more than £200m on a new royal yacht will let Britain “show off” to the world.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has urged the prime minister to ditch plans for the luxury vessel and spend create the money on a fund to tackle anti-social behaviour.

But Mr Johnson insisted building a “flagship” boat would act as a hub for attracting wealthy investors.

Meanwhile, it has emerged the government failed to consult Britain’s most senior police officers about Mr Johnson’s new crime plan – and some were not even aware it was being drawn up.

The measures include electronic tags on burglars, longer sentences for some crimes, and an extension of controversial blanket stop-and-search powers.

But police bodies and victims’ advocates say they were only sent the full details on Tuesday – a day after it had been distributed to members of the media.

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Government failed to consult police on crime plan

The government has been accused of being “arrogant and dismissive” after it emerged Britain’s top police officers were not consulted about Boris Johnson’s new plan to “beat crime” – or even aware it was being drawn up.

Our home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden has this exclusive report:

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EU pauses legal action over ‘serious’ UK breach of Northern Ireland protocol

Brussels has paused its legal action against the UK over alleged breaches of the Northern Ireland Protocol agreed last year.

In a surprise move on Tuesday, the European Commission said it was doing so in the hope that solutions to outstanding issues with the UK-EU post-Brexit trade agreement – signed in December – could be found.

My colleague Andy Gregory has more details:

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Boris Johnson backs home secretary in row over police pay freeze

Boris Johnson backed home secretary Priti Patel in her row with the Police Federation over the pay freeze for all but the lowest-paid officers.

The prime minister said: “I have got absolutely every confidence in the home secretary.”

He told LBC Radio: “No one would want to pay our fantastic police more than I would. We are just going through a tough time financially for the government, I think most people do understand that.

“I just ask people to recognise that but also that the government is doing what it can to expand police numbers as fast as we can, also to give them things that they need – more body-worn cameras, greater ability to use Tasers, more powers for instance over stop and search, and protections against unreasonable behaviour by members of the public, assaults that all too often they face.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 08:30


Prime minister ‘urges’ Sadiq Khan to better tackle knife crime

Boris Johnson has said “more could be done to fight knife crime”.

The prime minister “urged” the Mayor of London to do better to tackle the issue.

He said: “For me it’s about taking responsibility. If you remember in 2008 when I came in as mayor it was a grim scene. There was nobody taking responsibility for it.

“I think I would like to work with the London mayoralty to fight this problem. It can be fixed by being tough on gangs, tough on the kids carrying knife. I believe stop and search is a big part of that.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 08:40


Boris Johnson won’t ‘weep any hot tears’ over hi-vis ‘chain gangs’

Boris Johnson said he would not “weep any hot tears” for people guilty of anti-social behaviour being made to join “chain gangs”.

Offenders taking part in “community payback” schemes are already required to wear a hi-vis vest while carrying out the unpaid work, but Mr Johnson has called for wider use of the punishments.

The prime minister told LBC Radio: “What I want to see is those who are guilty of anti-social behaviour actually paying their debt to society.

“If that means that they are visibly part of some yellow fluorescent-jacketed chain gang then I am not going to weep any hot tears about that, I think that’s a good thing.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 08:50


UK in store for ‘very strong’ economic recovery if it takes ‘cautious approach’, says Boris Johnson

The prime minister said the UK could be in store for a “very strong” economic recovery from coronavirus as long it takes a “cautious approach” towards returning to pre-pandemic behaviours.

Speaking to LBC, Boris Johnson said: “Jobs are coming back and you’ll see this data from the IMF today.

“It is clear that, if we’re sensible and we continue to take a cautious approach, we can see a very, very strong recovery.”

Asked whether it was certain that those fully vaccinated would be able to escape having to self-isolate from next month if they come into contact with a positive coronavirus case, the Conservative Party leader said: “August 16 is nailed on – there has never been any question of a review date for August 16.

“I’m very pleased that this is a country that now has the highest proportion of vaccinated adults of any country in the world – that is enabling us to make the economic progress we are.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 09:00


Boris Johnson rejects Gove’s claim people who refuse Covid vaccine are ‘selfish’

Boris Johnson rejected Cabinet minister Michael Gove’s claim that people who refuse to get a vaccine are “selfish”.

Asked if they were “selfish”, the prime minister told LBC Radio: “No, I think that I would put it the other way round and say that if you get one you are doing something massively positive for yourself, for your family.”

Mr Johnson was challenged over his plan to require a vaccine certificate to visit nightclubs from the end of September.

“It’s a very positive thing to do to get a vaccine,” he said.

The prime minister added: “People can obviously see, when you look at things like travel, like mass events, it’s going to be one of those things that will help you not hinder you.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 09:15


Boris Johnson says £200m royal yacht will let UK ‘show itself off to the world’

Boris Johnson has denied his plan to spend more than £200m on a new royal yacht is a waste of money – claiming it would let Britain “show off” to the world.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has urged the prime minister to ditch plans for the luxury vessel and spend create the money on a fund to tackle anti-social behaviour.

My colleague Adam Forrest has more on this story:

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 09:31


Prime minister refuses to comment on Dominic Cummings remarks

Boris Johnson said he will not be commenting on remarks made by his former senior aide, Dominic Cummings.

The Vote Leave mastermind has claimed the prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, “pulls the strings” in Downing Street and, in an interview with the BBC last week, said she makes suggestions for who should be hired and fired in government.

Mr Johnson told LBC: “I don’t wish to comment on any of the sayings of any of my former advisers, who are now many.”

He added: “Number 10 Downing Street – I looked at this the other day – just in the last year I think we’ve had about 220 people arrive in Number 10.

“I don’t know how many have left – quite a few, and I’m sure they’ve all got something interesting to say, but I have no intention of commenting on it.

“I’m all in favour of people having their views.”

Chiara Giordano28 July 2021 09:54