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the estate agents appointed to Boomin’s …


Boomin has announced the appointment of six agents, described as independent representatives, who are now on the new portal’s strategic board.

The board’s first meeting is scheduled for early next month and the purpose of the board is to act as a conduit between the Boomin management team and the estate agency community. 

The portal says in a statement this morning: “A regular two-way dialogue with agent partners is essential to ensure Boomin is always focusing its considerable technology resources and innovation on solving agents most pressing problems.” 

It continues: “Whether it is upgrades to existing unique features such as Sneak Peek, Secret Property, MatchMaker or Property Playground or the development of new groundbreaking functionality that is currently in the pipeline such as Chainmaker, the input from these agents will play an important role in shaping the end product. In turn these agents will engage with the wider agent community in order to deliver the most effective, innovative and seamless solutions on the market.”

Now the agents have been named and they are:  

Reagan Bradley, operations director of Paramount Properties (London);

Mark Manning, managing director of Manning Stainton (Leeds and Yorkshire);

Gareth Overton, head of residential sales at Henry Adams (Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire);

Charlie Perdios, managing director of Anthony Pepe (London);

Wendy Peterman, managing director of Petermans (London);

Asad Riaz, chief executive of Location Location (London).

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The board’s non-agent members include Boomin executives Kenny Bruce, Tom Kirk, Andrew Stewart and James Kydd; it’s chaired by Sarah Edmundson, best known for her work with the Agents Together charity and the Allstars agency training consultancy.

She says: “I am delighted by the overwhelming response we have received from agents keen to participate in our Strategic Board and help to shape the innovative future of the industry. 

“They recognise that Boomin has the DNA necessary to deliver a better experience for agents and consumers. This group of first class independent agents are reflective of the wider agency community and I am honoured and privileged to have their involvement. I am confident that together we will build upon a culture of continuous improvement.” 

One of the agents, Mark Manning from Manning Stainton in Leeds, adds: “We committed to the Boomin platform with a certain amount of trepidation but have been impressed by its alternative approach to the portal space and the potential of the tools and innovations the platform offers. 

“Being able to oversee and participate in the development of Boomin to ensure that the interests of the agent community and consumer remains at its heart is a great opportunity.”