Mum’s fury after son at South London school ‘taken out of class to care for special needs pupil’

A South London mum has spoken about her fury after she claims her son was taken out of class to ‘look after’ another pupil with special needs.

Charlene Reiv’s 10-year-old son, Shaiquawn Warren, studies at South Norwood Primary School which is part of Pioneer Academy.

Charlene told My London: “He would usually be taken out by teachers for the whole day. He would have to help with this other pupils’ work, take him to lessons and play with him.”

The 37-year-old mum from Thornton Heath said: “We’re sending our children to school to learn.

“Not only are they failing the kid’s education but they’re saying it helps their development.

“This has been going back since half term, last three-four weeks. He’s missed at least a week plus.”

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Charlene Reiv was furious when her son was injured

My London approached Pioneer Academy for comment but they denied a formal complaint had been made and said they cannot comment on individual cases.

This is despite My London seeing a message from Charlene to a teacher complaining about this issue on, sent on June 30.

On July 1 Charlene said she brought up the issue with the SEN teacher, the school receptionist and the headteacher.

“While Shaiquawn was taken out of class in this way on June 28, he hit his toe and broke it,” Charlene has said.

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Shaiquawn has pulled out of class on multiple occassions, his mum has claimed

She’s now worried his toe will have to be broken and re-set.

She continued: “It’s not only my son, there are other children involved.

“One child got taken off the premises to go to the shop without the parent knowing.

“I’ve messaged everyone. I’m angry. I feel they’re trying to sweep it under the carpet. Because its not acceptable.”

Shaiquawn has been at the school since he was four.

Another mum, Chanel Banton, 41, told MyLondon: “It seems that when parents are trying to sort stuff out, they’re very uncommunicative.

“A lot of parents have said similar things. You’re just met with silence.

“They warned me I just have to get used to it.”

A spokesperson for the school told My London: “I can confirm that we have not received a formal complaint related to the matters you raise.

“However, we are always concerned when parents are not happy with things at school and always offer them the opportunity to raise their concerns through our complaints process if they remain unhappy following discussions with staff in the school.

“This enables us to thoroughly investigate the matter and to respond appropriately to the concerns raised.

“We believe that it is vitally important that parents feel their concerns have been taken seriously and that appropriate actions have been taken to resolve concerns and restore confidence which is why the complaints process offers a third-party review.

“The process also enables us an opportunity to review our systems and processes and improve them where this is identified in the review.”

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