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Major flooding in Wood Street, Blackhorse Road, Walthamstow


Walthamstow and surrounding areas are currently being battered by torrential rain with numerous streets under water.

Multiple pictures and videos have been posted on social media showing cars stranded and struggling to make their way through the flooding.

One person posted a picture of what appears to be a gigantic crack in the middle of a road captioned “It just rained so hard in Walthamstow the street exploded”.

There are major delays on the A406 with several stretches of the carriageway underwater.


Walthamstow is wild rn (video from a local fb group & not my own) pic.twitter.com/fyKcVPfCs9

— Tabby Lamb (@TheTabbyLamb) July 25, 2021

It just rained so hard in Walthamstow the street exploded pic.twitter.com/cfw3SleFGn

— Chris Fleming (@e17chrisfleming) July 25, 2021

Another post, tagging Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy and Thames Water, shows a street totally underwater with a resident saying they are “really concerned” about their neighbours and pleaded for help.

In a separate post to the MP someone tweeted a picture of Brooke Road saying drains were overflowing, water was entering the house and the Waltham Forest Council emergency number wasn’t working.

The MP replied saying she had spoken to the environment council which can’t help as it is not a river or sea – so she is attempting to get hold of the council and Thames Water for help.

Ms Creasy tweeted: “Am sorry Walthamstow – trying my best to get answers for you and feedback into discussions on where the flooding is as well as find out resources there are for those affected.


Brothers went to play cricket ..should have taken their fishing rods #Londonflooding pic.twitter.com/48ygGLAN6l

— Grizz Khan (@GrizzKhan) July 25, 2021


@stellacreasy This is currently the state of Brooke Road due to the rain + overflowing drains. The water is entering houses. The WF emergency council number is not working. pic.twitter.com/iYe9fQ9icc

— X (@TheOneException) July 25, 2021

“Appreciate distressing – please do check the list on Walthamstow life to make sure we have you.”

In a separate tweet she added: “If your road isn’t flooded Walthamstow please consider helping neighbours – especially those who are vulnerable – with theirs.

“Mops, buckets, sandbags and elbow grease crucial to trying to prevent further damage.”

In one street the flooding was so bad that a person was pictured kayaking down it.

Network Rail Anglia also tweeted that there are flooding issues at Wood Street, Blackhorse Road and Manor Park in London and advised to check trains before travelling.


As if my mums roads flooded in Walthamstow and some geezers gone kayaking pic.twitter.com/UIKADFTdYz

— ruby tuesday (@rubybannisterx) July 25, 2021


Wetter than an otter’s pocket. #Walthamstow #Flood pic.twitter.com/DllzRuyhZx

— Scissorbeans 🇪🇺💙 (@spudgun67) July 25, 2021