Max’s Sandwich Shop is open again in North London

North London hasn’t been the same since Max’s Sandwich Shop closed its doors on March 20, 2020. This week, however, the best thing that actually is sliced bread has reopened, bringing decadent, delicious and absolutely towering snacks back to the Finsbury Park/Crouch End borders. 

Since Wednesday, it’s been back in business, serving up the same menu from 18 months ago, which, let’s not lie, we have missed like an old pal. 

That mighty menu includes (deep breath), the ham, egg ’n’ chips with piccalilli and shoestring fries, How Am I Samosa Know, with pea, chickpea and spring onion samosas alongside tinned peaches and pickled onion, as well as the Et Tu Brute, a Caesar with a twist, that twist being roasted chicken thighs, pickled-grape-and-tarragon salsa, garlic croutons and anchovy mayo. There are also lovely little pick-y bits, including crushed and fried spuds and chicken wings marinated in soy and vinegar. One of everything, please, and a Fernet ’n’ Coke for the road. 

Since lockdown, founder Max Halley has kept himself busy by popping up on shows like ‘Sunday Brunch’ and getting deep into the picnic game, publishing ‘Max’s Picnic Book’ back in March, full of recipes and tips on how to have the greatest picnic ever, including nine essentials for your keep-in-the-glovebox road-trip picnic kitbag and eight things to make old-fashioned picnics a bit better. In fact, he shared some picnic intel with us a few months ago, which you can read here.

19 Crouch Hill, N4 4AP. 

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