Westminster family lose everything after London flash flood causes £30k damage

A family have been forced from their home and lost £30,000 worth of possessions after water flooded through their toilet.

Shahanara Miah, has been trapped in a hotel room for 10 days after London was hit by flash floods on July 14.

The mother of three, who also cares for her young niece, had gone shopping for an hour when heavy rainfall destroyed her whole basement flat. When she returned home – the water up to her knees.

The 39-year-old said: “We spent five or six hours trying to put water back into the toilet. The flood took everything away.

“If my kids had been sleeping they would have drowned.”

The Maida Vale family have only lived at the Shirland Avenue property for 18 months and has no insurance to cover the damage.

Now she has been left sharing two hotel rooms with her children; eight-year-old Ayaan, three-year-old Ishaq, two-year-old Fatema, niece Nargish Miah, 11, and her mother Nurun Kahtun.

Fatema, two, Nargish, 11, Ishaq, three, and Ayaan, eight, have lost all their possessions following flooding

Nurun is also having to seek refuge in a hotel room after water spilt through her ceiling and leaked into the electrical cables in her home.

Shahanara recently spent £5,000 adding security gates to the property after two attempted burglary attempts.

She had also recently spent £2,000 on buying the children new clothes and is now considering crowdfunding to try and pay for some new possessions.

She continued: “I thought we were going to be burgled so I invested. The saddest thing is the kids lost all their clothes.

“I did the flat up so nicely. That’s what hurts my soul. In five hours my house was completely gone.”

Flooding, Westminster, Maida Vale

Shahanara Miah’s home was completely flooded following heavy rains

Since the flood devastated her home Shahanara and the four children have been staying at a Premier Inn and rely on clothes and nappy donations given to her by school parents.

The family have now been offered a two bedroom basement flat to stay in while their property is repaired but with heavy rains expected at the weekend Shahanara has been left frightened of being caught out in more floods.

“I have got a phobia now,” she explained. “Apparently it’s going to rain like crazy.”

Maida Vale Councillor Geoff Barraclough said: “It was heart-breaking to see the devastation caused by the floods.

“We can’t replace precious memories but, if people give generously, we can help local families get back on their feet a little quicker.”

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