Home Breaking News France hints at tougher restrictions on UK travellers amid variant fears

France hints at tougher restrictions on UK travellers amid variant fears


Continuing on from our earlier put up, outlining Dr Harries feedback this morning:

Are we seeing an uptick in hospital circumstances because of the India variant?

Not but, says Dr Harries, though she warns that information will trickly by means of slowly. A technical briefing revealed this weekend reveals that as much as May nineteenth the UK had seen six deaths amongst these with the India variant.

“The overwhelming majority of those are individuals who haven’t been vaccinated and in addition aged,” says Dr Harries. “From that perspective it is trying superb, but it surely’s nonetheless early days.”

What about transmission?

Dr Harries says the jury remains to be out, however most individuals assume the variant is roughly 20 to 30 per cent extra infectious than the Kent variant, B117.

Will the roadmap be affected by the India variant?

“Fortunately the roadmap is just not my purview”, says Dr Harries, however she provides that the info is “trying good”.

But she urges individuals to  proceed to observe all the security” steering.”We mustn’t cease doing what we’re doing, notably in areas the place we’ve that variant, within the North West and round London.

“It’s actually essential that we proceed to do arms, face, area, to make money working from home, and as we have heard toda second dose could be very essential.”

So you’d fairly be cautious?

“Absolutely, I feel all of us must be very cautious and I feel all of us do not need to return to the kind of lockdowns we have had,” mentioned Dr Harris. “It would not matter in case you’re on SAGE or within the public finishing up regular life, all of us need to keep away from a lockdown.”