Le Monde cartoon shows Scotland breaking free of Brexit Britain

WHILE the Tories in London and Scotland desperately attempt to deny the outcomes of an election that didn’t go their approach, the remaining of the world is taking discover of an simple pro-independence victory.

With the SNP on 64 seats and the Greens on eight (which maybe ought to have been even increased), final week’s elections imply Holyrood now has 72 MSPs which help independence, seven greater than is required for a majority.

That easy reality, so exhausting to know when you’re a true-blue Unionist like Michael Gove, has obtained the world taking a look at Scotland.

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While Catalonia appears to be like on in envy at Scotland’s possibilities of reaching self-determination, the French have additionally taken discover.

Published at present on the entrance cowl of Le Monde, one of France’s newspapers of file, an excellent cartoon has proven Nicola Sturgeon blowing Scotland free from Brexit Britain.

Titled merely “L’Ecosse a voté” (Scotland voted) the cartoon can have been seen by thousands and thousands of readers throughout the French-speaking world and past, due to Le Monde’s world attain.

L’Ecosse a voté, par Marie Morelle, membre de l’affiliation Cartooning for Peace. Dessin paru aujourd’hui à la « une » du Monde. pic.twitter.com/gEQowK7LTj

— Philippe Bernard (@canalbernard) May 11, 2021

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Et pour vous abonner ➡️ https://t.co/cN0KPhRB7S pic.twitter.com/URDCYxuXzT

— Le Monde (@lemondefr) May 11, 2021

While Tories could dither and bluster, the remaining of the world is aware of what occurred on May 6.

Let’s hope they maintain watching to see what Scotland does subsequent.

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