Teddington Lock’s ‘celebrity seal’ saved and set free

A South London well-known seal was saved final weekend after splashing across the River Thames with a fishing hook lodged in its mouth for almost per week.

Vets and medics spent Saturday morning (Feb 20) rescuing the nine-month-old mammal from Teddington Lock, who is thought to locals as ‘Freddie Mercury’.

Freddie’s situation was first reported to the British Diver Marine Life hotline on Monday (Feb 15) after involved residents had seen the seal struggling to eat its catch, because of a big fishing lure hanging from the sting of its mouth.

Freddie swimming within the Thames Estuary (Picture: BDMLR and Teddington City)

The BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) workforce hatched a plan to catch the seal, by closing the gates of the lock and weilding a big fishing web.

Volunteers from Kent, East Sussex and Yorkshire got here collectively, bearing nets, inflatable rafts, and rescue chains for Saturday’s large operation.

It took 9 helpers to carry the seal from the water to security and in the long run, the hook turned dislodged through the rescue.

It took a team to rescue the seal (Image: BDMLR and Teddingtown Town)

It took a workforce to rescue the seal (Picture: BDMLR and Teddington City)

After the vet handled the wound Freddie was launched again into the Thames Estuary with a brand new lease of life.

In an announcement on social media the BDMLR mentioned:

“Throughout the examination, the flipper tag quantity was checked, and we quickly had a full historical past of this twice rescued 9-month-old seal. Hopefully, this third rescue shall be his final.

“He was launched away from the river nearer open water and a small colony of different seals.

Freddie set for a new lease of life (Image: BDMLR and Teddingtown Town)

Freddie set for a brand new lease of life (Picture: BDMLR and Teddington City)

“We wish to thank Teddington Lock for his or her help, the residents of Teddington Lock for his or her cooperation, and to Veterinarian Scott Miller.”

You will discover out extra in regards to the work of BDMLR and donate to their rescue efforts right here.

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